Earth Repair – Restore Damage Ecosystems!

by Dec 10, 2020

In May of 2019, I attended the Global Earth Repair conference in Port Townsend WA.  There I met John Liu and was deeply inspired by his keynote on the topic of restoring large-scale damaged ecosystems.  You can check out the conference and hear his talk here:

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Stir the Brew

Stir the Brew

Compost tea innoculates soil with beneficial microorganism. Plants LOVE this magical brew. You Will Need: A 5-gallon bucketA mesh bag1-2 cup of active compost as an inoculantNon-chlorinated water (use well water, rainwater, or let your tap water sit for at least 24...

Inspiring the Future

Inspiring the Future

Looking for inspiration?  Here is a site self-described as  "A Weekly Roundup of science, technology and intelligent optimism (not necessarily in that order.)"  I thought is was kinda cool. Registration required though.

Easy Composting Without Piles – from Kiss the Ground

Three Ways to Compost at Home--Without Building a Compost Pile Kiss the Ground - via YouTube Many of you may have tried composting at home, perhaps by creating a compost pile. A compost pile can require a lot of time and maintenance. Kiss the Ground's Farmer Richie...

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