No-Turn Composting: Build a Bio-Reactor!

by Oct 9, 2021

Not all compost is the same.

Healthy biologically active compost is not only a way to provide plants with nutrients, if done right, it can infuse soil with LIFE–and thus is far better for both sequestering carbon in soil and better for the plants too.

To create great compost usually requires a lot of work turning the pile, screening etc. That’s why I was intrigued by the static bioreactor invention by David C Johnson and Hui-Chun Su Johnson at the University of New Mexico –no turning required. Here’s how they make their digestor:

View the full post from Regeneration International here:

Download the manual for creating this bioreactor here:

Photo Credit: Nathan DeHart

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Inspiring the Future

Inspiring the Future

Looking for inspiration?  Here is a site self-described as  "A Weekly Roundup of science, technology and intelligent optimism (not necessarily in that order.)"  I thought is was kinda cool. Registration required though.

Earth Repair – Restore Damage Ecosystems!

Earth Repair – Restore Damage Ecosystems!

In May of 2019, I attended the Global Earth Repair conference in Port Townsend WA.  There I met John Liu and was deeply inspired by his keynote on the topic of restoring large-scale damaged ecosystems.  You can check out the conference and hear his talk...

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