About Permaculture Potluck

We showcase innovative and fun eco-tech projects. 

Our goal is to inspire and encourage our readers to explore new ideas and technologies that promote sustainable living and climate solutions.

We feature a wide range of topics, including science projects, biomimicry, permaculture, DIY food, and projects related to the Drawdown top 100 climate solutions.

Whether you’re a sustainability enthusiast or just looking for new ideas to help reduce your carbon footprint,  we hope you try out some of these ideas!

Me with Sheep

About the Author

Hey, There! I’m Denise, a writer and advocate for sustainable living. With a background in clean energy and environmental design, I’m passionate about creating a more beautiful future. When I’m not writing, you can find me tending to my organic farm, learning about permaculture, exploring local farmers’ markets, or experimenting with new eco-technologies.